Flat Roof Replacement at Chelsea Harbour

Removal of existing concrete tiles from flat roof. once all areas had been cleaned, removal of existing flat roof, replacing with all new 18mm OSB plywood. Then applied a three layer felt system starting with one layer of primer followed by one layer of underlay and finished with one layer of top coat. Heavy-duty torch […]

Flat Roof Repair in Kingston upon Thames

Description of works as follows: Erecting of scaffolding to front of property along with handy safety perimeter to ensure safety of workers while on site Recovering of existing flat roof with a three layer felt system Layer one is a layer of primar layer two is underlay and layer three a heavy duty torch on […]

Flat Roof Recovering in New Malden

Recovering of flat roof using a three layer felt system one primar one underlay and heavy duty torch on felt. Charcoal in colour, destination New Malden

Flat Roof Replacement in W6

Flat roof replacement with all new 18mm OSB before 3 layers of felt – one underlay, one top coat and one layer of heavy duty, torch-on felt. This job was in London W6.