Pitched roofing

The pitched roof, or roof with a sloping surface, is the most common construction of roof in new dwellings today.

Although the primary function of this type of roof is to shed water from a property in poor weather conditions, it has more recently become an increasingly important consideration for cost competitive ways to save energy – and, of course, it’s associated cost.

We cover new roofing installations, extensions, repairs and rebuilds for all types of roof including all tiling & slating as well as flat roofs, all guttering, fascias & soffits and leadwork.

We are also expert in all types of roof repairs – anything from a minor repair such as a loose or broken tile or slate to more extensive repair work and complete rebuilds.


Traditionally, the insulation for pitched roofs has been at ceiling level, between the ceiling joists. This method produces what is called a ‘cold pitched roof’.

Nowadays, a property’s enclosed roof space is increasingly being recognised as a potential for extended living space or for storage and in such cases the insulation is placed between rafters in the slope of the roof. This type of insulation results in what is called a ‘warm pitched roof’.

Some of our previous pitched roofing work

This is a portfolio of work that we have done involving new roofs and roof repairs in Surrey and surrounding areas.

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