Chimney repairs

Senator Roofing & Building Ltd provide a complete service for chimney repairs Wandsworth and throughout SW London. Chimneys can usually start to weaken over time and can create massive problems if left for a long period of time without maintenance. The brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead work will deteriorate over time so you need to keep a close eye on your chimney if you think something might be wrong with it.

When the mortar and stonework is left it can crumble away. As a result, there is less support and can cause your chimney to collapse or fall down. Not only can this create massive damage to your properties roof and structure itself but could result in an even worse accident happening for you, your family and passersby or costly roof repair or re-roof.

What services can we undertake for chimney repairs in Wandsworth? 

  1. Chimney repairs such as re-pointing of chimney pots and shafts
  2. Installation of lead soakers, flashings, gutters, etc.
  3. Chimney re-builds and re-stucturing
  4. Chimney removal
  5. Chimney rebuilds
  6. Installation of chimney vents and other related products and much, much more.

Repointing of Chimney Pots and Shafts

Our team can help with chimney repointing for chimney pots and shafts and all related cement / brickwork surrounding the chimney itself.

Lead Work, Lead Flashings and Gutters

Senator Roofing and Building Ltd can undertake all forms of high-quality lead work in Wandsworth and the surrounding areas.

Chimney Rebuilds and Restructuring

Need to get your chimney rebuilt or restructured? Our chimney re-builds service is a perfect solution if you require any of the above.

Chimney Cowls and Vents

Need to get a chimney cowl or chimney vent installed? Get in touch with our roofers to request a completely free quote today.

Some of our previous chimney repair work

This is a portfolio of work that we have done on chimney repairs in Wandsworth and surrounding areas.

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